Self-Care is Self-Love

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Would you say that you care for yourself well? How do you define good self-care?

Diet changes, renegotiating healthy relationship boundaries, incorporating stretch or workout routines are all things you may bump up against when you are looking to heal. Healing is made on the back of a solid self-care routine. The challenge can be connecting with desire to make self-care a daily commitment. You must be rooted in being on “Team You.” It is an intense love of yourself and desire for your own wellbeing that will fuel your eventual successful changes. Self-care, in essence, is self love.

Changes made from a place of fear, not enough-ness, or ones that have a disciplinary flavor will never stick. They end up feeling suffocating or oppressive.

When you make a change with a feeling of love in your heart and the best of intentions for your good health and happiness, it eventually sticks. A feedback loop of positive self-regard and steadily improving health forms and solidifies.  

Define a good self-care plan and you are more likely to stick to it. Usually we need to be checking several boxes to steadily get where we want to go. Here are a handful of areas with an example for each that you can check in with yourself on:

Emotional: Giving myself enough praise

Physical: Moving my body in ways that feel good

Psychological: Time away from technology

Spiritual: Journaling & time for self-reflection

Relationships: Expressing my needs in a healthy way

Professional: Identifying projects that would help me grow

Please email me at if you would like a 2 page self care assessment worksheet. I would love to share a tool that can help you feel more equipped to reach your healing goals.



Juliana King